About Us


HIJAC products showcase quirky, edgy memes you won't find elsewhere, crafted by Gary Douglas and Dain Heer of Access Consciousness. Check out the Tees and Caps that will make you stand out!

HIJAC is an acronym for 'Happiness is Just a Choice.' That's the energy of this store, the choice for Happiness.

Our great friend, Dain Heer says,

"Happiness is the greatest miracle You bring to the world."

Store director, author and businesswomen Simone Milasas, invites you to discover what Your True Happy is!

Simone Milasas"Your happiness is just a choice. What if you started looking at what makes you happy but not from judgment? How many times do you go to what makes you happy but you judge something is right or wrong or positive or negative? What if happiness has such a sense of peace and joy in it that allowed so much more to show up for you? What if you start to find what your true happy is today?"


From the rest of us working with HIJAC, Welcome to the store. We're happy you arrived, and that's just our choice.